EG Cards App

A conference lanyard and trading cards merged into one native iOS app. Read More


The annual EG conference gathers every spring in Carmel, California and comprises over 500 members of the creative community, roughly 50 of whom give presentations about their passion projects. It is a touchstone for innovators in every imaginable field — makers and doers of extraordinary things, breakers of boundaries, explorers of frontiers, busters of myths.

The app brings the EG Conference community closer together during and after the conference. Conference attendees and presenters can interact with each other, refer to the conference schedule, find interesting places to visit and dine at, and manage their profiles. When presenters or attendees sign up, cards are created with their name, bio and profile picture. The cards can be browsed, filtered and favorited.

To design and develop the app, I learned iOS development from scratch and integrated a real-time database that provides on-the-fly content updates, user management and push notifications.


Design, iOS Development, User Experience Design (UX)

Year of Completion